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Physical Science Department


Welcome to DSU Engineering!

Engineering study prepares people to make significant contributions to society. Engineers are innovators, interweaving advanced mathematics, engineering sciences, and engineering practices with considerations of economic, social, ethical and environmental issues to create new systems and products. DSU pre-engineering class sizes are small, offering more personalized instruction than at a large university. The faculty who teach pre-engineering courses hold advanced degrees in the engineering specialties they teach and have worked on engineering projects with interesting companies and governmental organizations.

What Engineering Degree is available?

The pre-engineering program provides you with a solid foundation in engineering fundamentals preparing you to continue on to a bachelor’s degree in engineering. You can transfer your credits to another university where you will complete the junior and senior years with courses in a specific engineering discipline.You will be prepared to pursue a variety of engineering programs, such as mechanical, civil, electrical, chemical, architectural and biomedical.In the Pre-Engineering program you will acquire a sound understanding of the physical sciences and mathematics that prepare you for the study of engineering, science, mathematics or law. You can pursue other 4-year degrees outside of engineering.