Janice M. Hayden

Janice Hayden
I started my professional career as an Exploration Geologist, looking for petroleum and natural gas. Then, while teaching part time at DSU, I worked as a field geologist for the Utah Geological Survey for 20 years mapping 18 quadrangles of SW Utah. I delineated and mapped geological formations, structures, soils, water resources, mineral deposits and geologic hazards. My in-depth knowledge of regional geology allows me to provide assistance for undergraduate student research projects and to teach field classes utilizing the Tanner Field Station. “Active Learning, Active Life” at DSU invloves getting students immersed in geology so that they can study processes firsthand. I have a Professional Geologist license from the State of Utah and am a nationally Certified Professional Geologist.
Since I also have a Secondary Teaching license from the State of Utah, I am well-versed in teaching technologies and teaching methods that increase the effectiveness and efficiency of students’ learning. My experience in curriculum development helps me recognize and provide students with the unique resources they need in order for them to achieve their academic and professional goals. I am also well-versed in core curriculum standards, particularly STEM areas, and in writing performance-based goals and lesson plan objectives on all six cognitive learning levels.
My research interests in geology concern problems involving the understanding of local geology. I currently have a “Volunteer Agreement” with the Utah Geological Survey so that they reimburse tangible expenses of field exploration. I have several projects open with them that I am working on, although not frequently because of my teaching load. Some could be handily adapted into mentored, upper-level student research projects should DSU approve a Geocience degree.


Janice M. Hayden, PG


Email: hayden@dixie.edu

Phone: 435-652-7778

Office: Snow 144A