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Jerry D. Harris

Jerry D. Harris

Me and Dilophosaurus at SGDS

Office: SNOW 235
Phone: 435-652-7758


Ph.D. in Earth and Environmental Science
University of Pennsylvania, 2004
M.S. in Earth Sciences
Southern Methodist University, 1997
B.A. in Geoscience
University of Colorado at Boulder, 1993

Courses taught:

GEO 1010 Introduction to Geology
GEO 1015 Introduction to Geology Lab
GEO 1020 Life of the Past
GEO 1040 Introduction to Dinosaurs
GEO 1045 Intro to Dinosaurs Lab
GEO 1110 Physical Geology
GEO 1115 Physical Geology Lab
GEO 1220 Historical Geology
GEO 1225 Historical Geology Lab
GEO 3180 Paleontology
BIOL 3110 Scientific Writing and Communication


I prefer living in environments where there are lots of rocks sticking out of the ground, and not covered with masses of vegetation, and especially when full of fossils. St. George is perfect for me!

For more information, please see my webpage.