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Organic and Materials Chemistry

My background is in organic chemistry, and my experience has spanned organic, materials, biological, inorganic, and physical chemistry.

Research Interests and Projects

My current and past research projects have been part of programs that address energy, national and global security, and the needs of the Departments of Energy, Defense, Homeland Security, and the Intelligence Community, including:

– Anti-biofilm and anti-fouling materials, based on ionic liquids and other organic/inorganic hybrid materials

– Energy storage for portable power and grid-scale, including hydrogen storage materials, biofuels/biodiesel, and fuel cells – funded by DOE

– Therapeutics to defeat pathogen resistance and improved characteristics suitable for deployed environments – funded by DOE/Global Security

– Forensics chemistry method development for rapid analysis of forensics sites, particularly IED (improvised explosive devices) – funded by FBI

– Inorganic and environmental chemistry for complete extraction and recovery of heavy metals from aqueous streams and solid matrices – funded by DOE

– Organic materials for optical and magnetic applications, including energy and charge transfer mediator materials – funded by DOE

– Nanocomposite materials for sensing, detection and nonproliferation of nuclear material – funded by DTRA, DHS, DOE

– Organic and Inorganic Sensors for water, and chemical and biological agents, including optical, magnetic and electrochromic materials – funded by DOE and DOD

– Nonlinear Optical ionic liquids, glasses, and fibers for needs in asset protection from bursts of radiation– funded by NRC, AFOSR

– Organic and Inorganic Hybrid Magnetic Materials, magnetically interesting organic and inorganic compounds, supramolecular materials, organic radicals, charge- and electron-transfer and donor-acceptor complexes – funded by DOD


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